Why Equine Services are Crucial After the Death of Your Horse

Horses are large farm animals that are adorable and wonderful. You end up feeling attached to them just like you would be with a human friend. Sadly, they eventually get old and ill and pass away. 

This loss can be a heartbreaking and devastating experience to endure. Even to those who don't own the horse, a horse's death is quite emotional. First, you need to take time and grieve your horse.

It's your responsibility to clear the dead horse's body. You can choose to bury it in a pet cemetery or hire a service to provide cremation services if you would prefer this method. Both of these methods can cost some money, but they will likely be able to help you feel more at ease about the passing of your horse as you are able to give it a proper sendoff.

When you decide to choose to work with a service who can provide horse cremation, there are various types of services available, including:

Private Equine Cremation

What is private equine cremation? This method involves placing the horse in a crematorium. You can join the service privately if it pleases you. After cremation, the service provider who is helping you will put the ashes of your horse in a gorgeous equine urn. You will also likely be able to choose a personalised name plaque. Private equine cremation ensures that you only receive your horse's cremains.

Braided Hair Locks

Another way you can keep your horse in your memories is using braided mane and tail clippings. Choosing these hair locks offers a unique personalised keepsake you'll always love and remember. You can select these braids alongside the private cremation service or communal service.

Communal Cremation

If you do not wish your horse's ashes returned, communal cremation is the perfect option to choose. It represents the community, and after the cremation, they scatter your horse's ashes off the sea coast. Besides this, it is an excellent service you can use for other animals besides horses to give them a dignified send-off. If you wish to save money and/or do not want the ashes returned to you, communal cremation is the best option. 


The bond between a horse and the owner can be quite strong. Losing your horse either to illness or old age can be devastating. Thus, using proper equine services to give your horse a decent send-off is the best way to remember it. Contact a provider of horse cremation near you to learn more.

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