3 Things You Can Do To Make Your Anxious Cat’s Stay At A Cattery less Stressful

2 Dec

Like many Australian families, you may have your beloved cat booked into a cattery while you are away on your summer holidays. For many cats, this isn’t a problem and they enjoy the change of scenery and the extra feline company. However, if you have a very shy or anxious cat, you may find yourself […]

Can You Board an Anti-Social Cat?

16 Oct

While your cat may have a great relationship with you, it may not behave so well around other people or cats. Some cats are shy or aggressive around strangers, and many cats won’t tolerate cats they don’t know. If your cat doesn’t always behave well, you may have a problem boarding it in a cattery, […]

Keep Calm and Kennel On: The 4 ‘E’s of Boarding Your Anxious Dog

15 Oct

Does your dog cling to you like Velcro? Does he wreak havoc when you’re away from home? You’re not alone – separation anxiety affects an estimated 14-35% of dogs, and it can quickly turn your relaxing holiday into a stressful nightmare. When leaving your pooch with a friend or family member isn’t an option, don’t […]